Remembering memory

Is my memory made of "my memory itself"
or does it exist "through the photos and/or the narrative"?
How do my memories of certain situations relate to
those memories that are linked with souvenir photos?

During my most recent visit to Japan, I had a look at my
mother's photo albums. I took pictures of those photos
that evoked memories in me of the depicted situation.
The new photos are out of focus, the motifs are often
crooked or uncut, and the pages of the albums are visible.
The photos are scanned and, according to the actual space,
presented in a size that does not allow instant full view
of the picture. These large-scale souvenir photos will be
composed of A4 prints which have been printed on
normal inkjet home printers. As the printer's ink is not
very light-fast, the prints will become more and more
indistinct in the course of time and the colours
will slowly vanish.



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