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ZWISCHEN ERINNERN UND VERGESSEN sur la structure de l'image / de la perception
I cut prints of my own photos, taken over the last 14 years, into pieces of 1 x 1cm by hand. This action is part of the work "ZWISCHEN ERINNERN UND VERGESSEN" (see also Performance). For "sur la structure de l'image / de la perception" a section of these photo pieces is stuck on 12 multiplex panels of 120 x 180cm each in random order and orientation. The 12 panels correspond to a 135mm film on a scale of 50 : 1. The distance between the panels is in approximate accordance with the distance between the pictures on a 135mm fim (50 : 1). The wall for presenting the panels should therefore be 25m long. Alternatively a presentation in two groups (of 6 panels each) or three groups (of 4 panels each) is possible. This would correspond to the standard size of developed negative stripes in Germany, France and Japan. All 12 panels should be exposed together.Photoprints taken by myself since14 years will be cutting (are cut) by myself. This action is one part of the work "ZWISCHEN ERINNERN UND VERGESSEN"(see "persormance").
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